Come and get it!

If you thought Alan Wong’s was all about seafood, we’ve got something new for you to try!  Come on down and have a go at one of our newest dishes!  This rib steak is smothered in “Crazy Wong Sauce” on an Okinawan Sweet Potato Hash; talk about “Broke Da Mouth”. 

Just as an FYI, the "Ribeye" and "Rib Steak" are the same, except that the Ribeye is boneless and the Rib Steak includes the rib bone.  This is often called a "Bone-In Rib Eye Steak".  Regardless of which steak you choose, when you take that first bite, you'll know you chose one of the best cuts of steak period!  This onolicious dish will satisfy any of the carnivores in your group!


~Kerry Ichimasa