Tonight we anticipate a lot of hotel employees,  and concierge from the Grand Wailea and other hotels.  We have a lot of food being prepared so that they can get a good sampling of what Amasia is all about.  This is a chance for all of the staff to talk about the experience and to show everyone what it's all about.  The other nite, a friend and regular in Honolulu at both the Pineapple Room and Alan Wong's Honolulu,  stayed at the Four Seasons and walked over to visit Amasia.  Upon arrival,  he was told that we only serve pupus.  Ernie told me that they decided to come anyway to just have a couple of glasses of wine and "pupus", and then go have dinner somewhere else.  He eventually stayed three hours,  had a full meal full of "pupus", a cocktail,  some sake, and a couple glasses of wine.   I hope tonight we get a chance to show the hotel staff  visiting us that Amasia is many things and can be a very fun and complete dining experience.