This was the second course at the Halekulani, following Nobu Matsuhisa. Then it was Vikram Garg, executive chef of the Halekulani,  followed by Tetsuya Wakuda,  Hubert Keller, Michel Richard, and finished with dessert from Francois Payard.  This event brought back memories of Cuisines of the Sun in a different but familiar way----------me, very nervous at the challenge, being amongst these chefs, and wanting to have the guests enjoy what we would be putting on the plate.  Events with this kind of magnitude are stimulating, invigorating, and they challenge me, making me both nervous and scared - making me grow.  Michelle was helping me do this event and she came up and asked me,  "why are you so nervous with this event?"--------my reply to her was a question back,  "doesn’t it remind you of the Cuisines days?"  Well, last night's dinner is all pau now ---- all went well,  and then it's Michelles turn to showcase her desserts at the Hilton.