I have never been to New Orleans, and I really don’t know what a true Po Boy is because I never went there to eat it from the real deal.    Anyway, this all started out in a different direction to begin with.  It started with me asking Michelle to make Man Tou, steamed buns.  Bao is when you stuff them, and these are not filled, thus called Man Tou.  Andrew makes a lot of our sausages, and so we gave him the task of making a spong katsu to go into the buns and then try to make it something.  Before you know it,  fried oysters are on this sandwich.  The spong was substituted for Chinese style crispy roast pork,  and we would have tried braised pork belly too had we had it available.  It settled on spong and oysters with Andrew's sambal aioli, cucumbers, and radishes.   Ono.