This would be the front of the house meeting for the Alan Wong's Honolulu restaurant.  Tomorrow the back of the house for both Alan Wong's Honolulu and Pineapple Room will be meeting at different times.  I am glad that the departments continue this tradition.  One manager came to me today to discuss two potential problems with employees.  I reminded him that the honeymoon phase is easy in any relationship, and that the maintenance phase is harder.   These meetings are part of the maintenance.  They convey many things as well as provide the venue for staff to voice their opinions, ask questions, feel like a part of the team or family, and that they can contribute to the team.  These reasons are in addition to the employees being given information so that everyone is on the same page with activities, financials, and calendars.  We want everyone to feel tuned in to the rest of the restaurant and company.  Some of it is training and educating the staff, and sometimes it is even thought-provoking and motivational.  This has become a great way to bring people together, perpetuate the culture, and create the simple opportunities for dialogue.