Thought this photo was appropriate. We are about to start our new hire orientation today and it will be our real first time with them as we try to convey our culture, our language, our philosophy, our core values, and our mission and goals. Not to sound corny, but it's like the waves that come on to shore for the first and only time. 

The next three weeks will be one big moment; we will all strive to make it a big special moment so that, in the end, the staff will become one team, well-informed, energized, motivated, well-trained, and ready for our first guests.  As many times as I have done this before, it never is the same so, therefore, it always comes with anxiety not knowing what is going to happen. But all we can control is to do the best that we can.  We have prepared, so that will be the key.

"Good luck is when preparation meets opportunity."  The opportunity has come.