It's not often that Michelle, Wade, Hong and I all get the same day off, so we all got together on the golf course for some R&R and a little friendly competition.  I had told Hong that on the first hole, he was going to hit the Kahala Hilton with his ball, and yup,  you guessed it,  I believe it rolled up to the port cochere.  My intent in teasing Hong was to get his skin a little thicker.  If he is ever going to manage people one day,  thick skin is a mandatory requirement.  It was his first time playing with me, and I think he was a bit nervous, but it won't be the last time I hope. The theory is that the more you engage,  the more comfortable you get.  He also had to up his game a little, since that theory is , "if you want to get better at something-----play with someone better than you." Not to boast or anything, but I may be a hair better than Hong.  Michelle and Wade have played with me many times before so they are used to me and frankly, because they are so used to me,  they also do very well in the workplace and in their careers.  By the way,  Michelle and I took the boys by sixteen points.