Yesterday was a day about wisdom.

There was a wonderful couple in for dinner last night celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  Striking up  conversation, I asked what the secret was to being happily married for that long.

They both chuckled and looked at me the way that a teacher looks at their student learning something new; it’s a kind of a combination of a smirk and a sympathetic look all rolled into one.  Anyway they said that it wasn’t all happy and it wasn’t all bad.  The key was to know when to and when not to talk to other person but the most memorable thing was when she said “In my day we looked at it this way; if it’s broken you try to fix it…not throw it away.”

Nowadays it seems like everything is disposable and if we don’t get it, we just move on to the next thing.  This couple proved to me that not everything is disposable and available at the touch of your fingertips.  There are still some things that you have to work for in life. 

- Kerry Ichimasa, General Manager at Alan Wong's Honolulu