(Osechi Ryori)

It's a week into the New Year, but I just wanted to share. New year's eve traditions, to me, mean going to mom's house for her home cooking. Her very own version of Osechi Ryori, the customary foods seen in Japanese homes,  always remind me that this is New Year's day. It's not fancy shmancy, but always tasty.

On a side note, I read an article in the news about how the new generation in Japan, is losing their appetite for “washoku,”  the traditional Japanese cuisine.  Instead, they are lured by KFC and Mcdonald's, just to name a couple, and other Western foods. What is more concerning is that not only are they not eating the traditional foods, they are not learning what it should taste like, nor how to prepare it. Just like the family table erodes, the table filled with your food that you grew up with is being replaced. What will become of the next generations' palate for Japanese food?  The food being prepared at home,  what will it look like, or taste like?  So sad for me.

I am on the run a lot ,attending family get-togethers is difficult for me in many ways, however, on New Year's day, it is always with mom at her place, eating her food,  and watching Japanese tv, not football.

(Mochi with Daikon & Natto)

(Traditional "Red" Sashimi)