We had lunch at Per Se today where Corey Chow, a former cook at Alan Wong's on King Street, is now sous chef.  He is doing very well for himself and I am very proud of what he has accomplished.  He helped us with the Lucky Rice Festival event and his work ethic and demeanor have changed since his time in Honolulu, definitely due to the influence of Per Se and NYC. Thomas Keller (Chef/Owner of Per Se) was there and he gave us the back of the house tour himself. Our pastry chef Michelle hadn't seen Thomas for a long time so I know it was nice for her to see him again. Fantastic meal, again; impeccable service, again. Thomas explained the why behind every little detail in building the restaurant, especially the kitchen. Eye-opening.

It was about a 4-1/2 hour lunch and then another hour with Thomas. We're off to take a long walk in Central Park before another big dinner at Eleven Madison Park.