Ed Otsuji, Sonny Acosta Jr., Graham Hull, Michelle Karr-Ueoka

Sonny, Graham. and Michelle came with me to visit and pick-up produce from Ed Otsuji's farm out in Hawaii Kai.  Michelle learned how calamongai and lilikoi grew, as well as lots of other stuff like soursop.   Graham asked and got himself a spot on the farm working as a volunteer when he wants to.  He loves to farm and told me he wanted to have his hands in the soil with mud on his face and on his boots again.  So now he got his wish, possibly on his two days off from cooking at the restaurant.  Sonny took back what I ordered for working on the fish course for the next Farmer Series Dinner.  The fish course is entitled, Opakapaka Crusted with its own "Brandade", with Otsuji Farm's Vegetables.  So I ordered paria leaves, sweet potato leaves, dino kale, lacinato kale, curly kale,  komatsuna, Chinese daikon, and a bunch of other stuff to play with.  What I like about Ed's farm is the diversity of crops, and his sense of humor resonates with me.  He is old school, and I really resonate with those kinds of people too.  We had a great visit to the farm this morning.  Visiting a farm is always refreshing.

~ AW