Part of our trip to Hilo was a visit to a second grade class. They were gifted a beehive and Lorna Tsutsumi, professor of entomology at UH Hilo and our guru of the adopt a bee hive program,  presented a certificate recognizing them getting the hive. We got to make them pancakes, serving them with honey syrups.  My thought was that since most of the adults are accustomed to eating pancakes with Log Cabin syrup or Aunt Jemimas (I grew up with this), there would be no changing this. But - maybe, just maybe, if we teach the young kids that we can eat pancakes with honey or honey flavored like oranges,  strawberries and cream, and caramel - maybe, we can change their thinking so that we can use honey more.  To my surprise, many of these kids already do eat pancakes with honey-------but it's their parents that still eat pancakes with Log Cabin syrup. When was the last time you looked at the label and saw whats in it? --- corn syrup, caramel, loads of preservatives and chemicals.  There was a girl student that immediately caught my attention - she said she eats honey with pancakes, but her parents (43 years old) eat pancakes with Log Cabin syrup. I sat next to her and thought how bright this young girl was and how kids like her are our future.