Nov, 05 2020
Everyone is looking forward to a better day, and we are no exception. I am sad to say that after over 25 years, it’s time to retire the restaurant. I would like to thank our community and supporters, our friends, for all of your encouragement. We...
Apr, 24 2020
#KerryFacts - How should you store wine or liquor at home? To answer your question about wine storage, the easiest answer is to go out an get a proper wine storage unit. LOL. Get one that has dual temperature zones so that you can have, say, the...
Apr, 23 2020
#KerryFacts - Unexpected Pairings Mac and Cheese and Chardonnay The weight and creamy richness of the pasta works well with the acidity and lightly oaked character of chardonnay. Buffalo Wings and Pinot Noir The richness of the bone-in chicken...