We’ve had a lot of different specials running at The Pineapple Room, and that’s because our sous chef, James Aung, from Alan Wong’s Honolulu has been working with the team at The Pineapple Room to implement new ideas, flavors, and concepts to the menu.

One of the dishes that James introduced is the Ni’ihau Lamb “Larb” Lettuce Wrap.

The concept of “Larb” is familiar to James because he is originally from Burma in South East Asia.  He has been with us for a few years now and has worked his way up the ranks from a prep cook to a sous chef.  As one of our senior chefs in the company, he will be working more at The Pineapple Room influencing the menu and food direction with his ethnic background, bringing to the menu the flavors he grew up with, along with his experiences at our flagship restaurant working with Miya, myself, and the rest of our culinary team.   He brings with him his experiences with all the local farmers, ranchers, and producers that he’s been able to visit and build relationships with over the years.  James understands the meaning of “sustainability” in our company, and in fact is a story himself in AWR sustainably because he has been able to grow himself in order to develop others on the team.  James is living the American Dream because he came to this country not too long ago with dreams to make a better life for himself and his family, and he has come a long way in making those dreams come true with the help of his host father.  James’ culinary evolution is a great story, and we are proud to be a part of his journey.  Please visit us at The Pineapple Room to try some of the dishes that James has been implementing on the menu.  Follow us on social media (@alanwongs) to see when these new dishes make their debut.

-- AW