Celebrating the successes of our employees is important to us.  We had a great week as we watched our culinary team rally behind our Assistant Sous Chef Camille Cadiz as she prepared to execute her first solo Next Generation Dinner. Camille graduated from Leeward Community College’s culinary program, and her instructors also came to the dinner and shared with our team how proud they were of Camille’s growth.  

We can recall the night we first met Camille at a school culinary event, and since then we have watched her develop and mature into the person she is today.  In just a few short years, Camille has been able to learn every station on the line and lead the kitchen while Chefs Alan and Miya were away opening our Shanghai restaurant.  When Chef Alan participated in the grand opening of Studio City in Macau, Camille went with him to participate in the event alongside such notable chefs as Alaine Ducasse and Pierre Herme.  She has been a part of many moments in her young career, and we are happy to be a part of her journey.

In reflecting on all that she’s accomplished, Camille shared the following:

“I am probably one of the happiest people right now because I am surrounded with great people at the AW family. Thank you all for your support on my NGD.

I am so happy that a lot of people experienced and learned about Filipino food. It was an honor to showcase my roots through food at your restaurant, Chef Alan. Before, I couldn't even imagine that I could actually serve Filipino food here.  I thought that it's impossible, until you told me that anything is possible. It's always the courage and possibilities that keep me going no matter what happens.

It's not the destination that matters but the process on how you get there.  Putting together this NGD was truly a roller coaster ride. I had my up and down moments during the process of making my dishes.  It was hard, but did I give up? Almost, but I honestly learned a lot because of this dinner. I’m super thankful because I know this will definitely help me in the future.

My family really enjoyed their night at the restaurant and I'm glad that because of the dinner they experienced how it is to be eating at a fancy restaurant. I'm so glad that my former instructors also came in to support the dinner.  I think without them, I wouldn't be working at AW right now.

It's a long way more to go for me and I know that this is only the beginning.”     -- Camille Cadiz

We applaud Camille’s success, and we look forward to all that she has yet to accomplish.


Great job, Camille.  We’re proud of you!
Your Alan Wong’s Ohana