What I loved most about this trip were the people. I think you could not put it any more perfectly when you say the people here have "a sense of community". I can tell that this event is very special to them and they put a lot of their time as you said before. The Kanna family invested their time to making all the food for us and to make sure that took good care of everyone. It is like going home to your family after not seeing them for a while and just picking up where you left off. Chef Miya was also right where it is a form of sustainability. They were taught this from the beginning -- from their parents and their parents’ parents. Then they passed it on to their children it does not get lost.

The food I enjoyed the most were the two soups and the halo halo we got from the Filipino store. Both the soup and the halo halo brought me back to my childhood. When we had parties, the men would always make the soup usually out of pig’s feet or goat. They would be so proud of the soup they made. The halo halo reminded me of when I would go with my mom to the Filipino store and she would buy it for me. I did not like going to the Filipino store growing up so it was a treat from my Mom every time she would go.

-Michael Espejo