“Growing up my family owned a farm and I wanted to learn what it takes to grow plants.  My interest in the farms around Hawaii would grow more as I started my culinary career…It is amazing on how many things are grown at Kualoa and what Ises does to help the local produce throughout the community and to restaurants utilizing local ingredients.”  -- Christian Duldulao, Cook

“It was great tour to Kualoa ranch and to see where some of the products we use in the restaurants come from. It really gives me a new found respect to the products we get from Kualoa, such as knowing how much work, time, and effort went into researching and developing a way to grow shrimp and oysters and getting them certified to sell.” – Eric Young, Cook

“This is the first time I actually went into the ranch and farms and gaining the knowledge about their history, their staff, and how much work it takes to send out quality produce to restaurants amazes me.  It helped me understand more about the products we use at work and that we should use them to its full potential.” – Eric Molina, Cook