The team took a day out to visit Kualoa Ranch to learn more about their farming operations.  We’d like to send a big mahalo to John Morgan, Taylor Kellerman, Isis Lipman, and Kuuipo McCarty for giving their time and sharing their knowledge with us.

Here are some of the team’s highlights and photos:

“Having driven through Kualoa many times, I did not realize at the time that I was driving through such a huge area. Like with all farm trips we learn about the farmer's dedication and passion in what they do. Similarly to culinarians, they find a love for it at an early age and it just feels right. We always discover that the struggles and challenges the farmers face are similar to any industry, like the lack of help to work and maintain their farms. You realize that the strength they have to persevere is high with the numerous problems they face. They can be wiped out in minutes due to inclement weather. If a crop fails, or something is diseased, they try again. They keep at it, until they get it right or improve it. Their passion keeps them going, just as the passion for our own work should keep us going as well.” – Miya Nishimura, Chef de Cuisine 

“I really love going to this kind of field trip because it reminds me of where I came from. Farming is not an easy job that's why seeing and knowing how hard they work and how passionate they are towards their career melts my heart.  It makes me believe that there are still a lot of people out there that no matter how hard life is, they work with passion and not just for money.  I also learned another meaning of respect for the product. When you respect the farmer, then you respect what they are producing with  their sweat and blood. Use their product right away. Fresh means fresh and nothing else. My unforgettable moment was when I ate the shrimp fresh from the pond and it was still moving. Good things happen everyday.” – Camille Cadiz, Cook

“Aside from the sheer beauty of the farm, the most important thing are the workers and farmers of each different section. Every person was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their job. I appreciate the opportunity to bridge the gap between the food we serve at our restaurant and the care and effort that goes into those items we cook with.” – Alan Nguyen, Sous Chef