Kounosu (Konosu, Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan) is the village where this beer is born; “Su” literally means “NEST”. Hitachino Nest Beer is brewed by Kiuchi Brewery, whom have been brewing Japanese Sake since 1823, and now the family is in its 8th generation. Hitachino is the name of the province in ancient Japan which covers the area of the brewery and was famous for its fertile soil, making the land just perfect for brewing. This White Ale is brewed with wheat malt, and flavored with coriander, orange peel and nutmeg.

Belgian Style White Ale

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 13

Hops: Perle, Celleia, Amarillo, Styrian Goldings

Malt: Larger, Wheat

Others: Flaked Wheat, Torrefied Wheat, Coriander, Nutmeg, Orange Peel, Orange Juice

Yeast: Ale


Koshihikari Echigo Beer is a rice lager beer that uses a super-premium short grain rice called Koshihikari. Produced in the ideal rice growing region of Niigata Prefecture, Koshihikari is known to be the best quality rice in Japan. The flavor of this premium beer can only be made with this rice. Japan’s original micro-brew– Echigo Koshihikari is arguably the best of the rice lager category. It’s brewed in a German style using the complex and rare decoction mashing method. The end result of the process is a little more richness from what would be an otherwise feather-light beer. The highly-prized koshihikari rice provides a mild sweetness and a soft texture. The creamy palate is enhanced by the addition of wheat to the grain bill.

ABV: 5%

IBU: 16


-- Kerry Ichimasa, Assistant Wine Director