#KerryFacts - Unexpected Pairings

Mac and Cheese and Chardonnay

The weight and creamy richness of the pasta works well with the acidity and lightly oaked character of chardonnay.

Buffalo Wings and Pinot Noir

The richness of the bone-in chicken and the spicy sauce call for bright fruit, good acidity, and a spice component to match – check the box marked Pinot Noir.

Hotdogs and Merlot

The savory mustard and cured meat are complemented by the smoothness of the Merlot, while the cherry and berry flavors contrast the flavors of the hot dog.

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cabernet Sauvignon

The big berry flavors of cabernet sauvignon pair exceptionally well with chocolate chips and the sweetness of the cookie dough soften the oak and tobacco. The earthy sweet flavors of brown sugar and butter bring out the complementing flavors of deep, purply fruitiness too.


- Kerry Ichimasa, Assistant Wine Director