Mar, 08 2012
Ed Otsuji, Sonny Acosta Jr., Graham Hull, Michelle Karr-Ueoka Sonny, Graham. and Michelle came with me to visit and pick-up produce from Ed Otsuji's farm out in Hawaii Kai.  Michelle learned how calamongai and lilikoi grew, as well as...
Mar, 06 2012
Alan Wong’s Amasia’s Maui Onion Soup Working on a batch recipe for Amasia and presentation, still in the works.  We didn’t want a traditional onion soup, there is Hamakua cocktail tomatoes in it, dashi, coriander and cumin...
Mar, 05 2012
Melted Won Bok Cabbage, Yuba, Patina Potatoes in a Gingered Chicken Stock It started off with a vegan version of soft won bok with oatmeal this morning for breakfast.  I hungered for more, so in menu development, I made a pot of what started...