Mar, 24 2012
Here is something Wade and I were working on in menu development.  This was about matching pungency with pungency.  The white radish works like daikon in oden with karashi; the pesto works with the bitter hot of the soy mustard....
Mar, 23 2012
Wade and I need to work on the new Watabe 2013 menu and this is one of the dishes we worked on in menu development.  We are using honey from our beehives at Panaewa  in Hilo, from the Adopt-a-Beehive program.  I kind of like it...
Mar, 22 2012
Portugese sausage from a local company produced from cleaned feral pigs, pork skewer and chicken skewer meat glazed with foie gras honey mustard I took Wade, Sonny, Michelle, Andrew, and Anicea.  I asked them to guess what I was thinking...