Sep, 10 2019
The Tiki Cocktail Tiki started over 80 years ago, and can be attributed to two men; Don the Beachcomber and Victor Bergeron, better known as Trader Vic. Don the Beachcomber had a restaurant in Hollywood and Trader Vic opened his restaurant in...
Jun, 13 2019
The Aroma of Wine…What Am I Smelling Anyway? Smelling is an important part of wine tasting; the thought is that much of perceive as taste is due to what we smell. It also holds true that a lot of what we taste is derived from what we smell....
May, 21 2019
That's a wrap on our 9th season of Adopt-A-Beehive with Alan Wong! It was another great year, and we are excited to celebrate our milestone 10th season in September. To be a part of this program that helps our students and our environment,...