Aug, 07 2018
Our resident Sommelier Ariana Tsuchiya has returned from another wine journey! This time she had the opportunity to attend SommCon as one of it's Scholarship Recipients, and we could not be more proud of her recognition. Here is what she shared...
Jul, 31 2018
What are orphan barrels? They are whisky stocks that for whatever reason were not bottled or used in blends. In some cases, they consist of casks of whisky whose taste and aroma profile were sufficiently different from the norm that they couldn’t...
Jun, 18 2018
"I drove up to St. Helena early on Friday morning and was able to attend the Napa Valley Barrel Auction. It was held at Charles Krug winery which was very beautiful, but the tone of the event was very light, fun, and more casual compared to the...