Eleven years after publishing his much-acclaimed first cookbook, Alan Wong’s New Wave Luau, Hawai‘i’s master chef has new stories to tell and fresh recipes to share. The Blue Tomato: The Inspirations Behind the Cuisine of Alan Wongfeatures 70 memorable dishes representing the best of Chef Alan, his innovative menus and the creative chefs and staff members who make up the next generation of the Alan Wong’s Restaurants family.

With his East-West blend of ethnic cooking styles and fresh Island ingredients, Alan Wong is a tireless ambassador for Hawai‘i Regional Cuisine and a leader in America’s farm-to-table movement. Now this James Beard Award winner celebrates the art of the possible in The Blue Tomato: The Inspirations Behind the Cuisine of Alan Wong—a bold, beautiful look at what’s new in contemporary Island cuisine.

More than just a cookbook, The Blue Tomato is a testament to Alan Wong’s conviction that anything is possible in today’s world—with the right mix of creativity, persistence and innovative thinking. This 284-page book is a personal journey with Chef Alan, featuring some of his own photography, travel anecdotes and the sources of his inspiration. It is an indispensable guide for the home cook and, at the same time, a remarkable resource for the serious cook or professional seeking the how and why of Chef Alan’s culinary techniques and creative process.

With stunning food photography and more than 200 individual recipes, The Blue Tomato reveals a glimpse into the inner workings of his restaurants and philosophies. Here are updates of time-proven favorites, inventive new ideas and contemporary twists on the multi-ethnic dishes of Hawai‘i.

StarChefs.com reviewed of The Blue Tomato back in October.

Wong’s multi-hued plating style and his fusing of multiple ethnic influences should be inspiration enough for most readers to imitate and create with whatever product they choose to celebrate.

The Honolulu Weekly‘s reviewer borrowed a copy of The Blue Tomato from the paper’s food editor.

She handed [the book] to me ceremoniously, as though she was entrusting her first-born child to me. I accepted the challenge, but couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated by the hefty weight of the 11-year follow-up to Alan Wong’s New Wave Luau. … And did I enjoy The Blue Tomato? Immensely. Once I wholly and utterly waded into the foodie fray, I discovered that Blue Tomato is a cookbook–yes, but it’s also a good many other things. It’s an intimate glimpse into the mind and kitchen of Alan Wong, it’s a collection of anecdotes from the local farming community, it’s a treasure trove filled with fruitful cooking tips and it’s a philosophy. Above all, it’s wonderfully inspiring–as long as you have a dream.