Assistant Pastry Sous Chef
Alan Wong’s Honolulu

Joined the AWR Ohana: June 2013

From: Lihue, Kauai

Graduated in: Associates in Applied Science, Culinary Program, Kauai Community College

Previous Experience?

Worked at Mark's Place, Josselin's Tapas Bar and Grill

What is your favorite dish to make?  What do you enjoy about it?

My favorite thing to make is something I could eat every day... Grilled cheese. I like it because it's what I used to eat almost everyday at my Grams' house when she used to babysit me.  I like making it for its simplicity and because it triggers a memory..

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, what would you do there, and why?

I would eventually want to travel the world, but the first two places I would want to go would be Korea and Japan. Of course, I would want to taste their cuisine, but I would really want to learn about the language and culture.

Stop trying to hit a homerun and just focus on getting to first base.

Assistant Wine Director
Restaurant Manager
Vice President, Development
Director of Operations
Wine Director
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Assistant Pastry Sous Chef