Feb, 08 2012
Alan Wong
Every cook in our kitchen has this perk: to use any of the products we have in the kitchen, work and experiment with them in hopes of creating a dish that will make the menu one day.  All I ask of them when they do use the...
Feb, 06 2012
Alan Wong
Shoyu Duck Rillette, Apricot Ume Compote, Crostini Coming soon… We did this dish in menu development today.  One of our cooks, David Fujimura, took the challenge of utilizing the extra duck legs that we had.  It evolved into...
Jan, 29 2012
Sonny, I am still so proud of you.  Today was a very big day for you.  You saw the real deal today, the pick and competition for the national representative for the Bocuse d'Or world event.  What you saw today was at a really...