Mayumi Tano
Mixologist, Alan Wong's Honolulu
featured in the upcoming "Girls Night In" Next Generation Dinner
on September 17, 2014


What inspired you to create a "Lava Flow" cocktail for this Next Generation Dinner? 
I created it to match and complement our dessert by Pastry Chef de Partie Tracy Paulson. It is a deconstructed version of a traditional Lava Flow, which consists of rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and strawberry puree. 

What is your favorite cocktail to make, and favorite cocktail to drink at Alan Wong's Restaurants? 
My favorite cocktail to make is our locavore "Mai Tai," where each ingredient is from Hawaii. It is my favorite to make because there is a lot of preparation work and I make every component from scratch, which allows me to appreciate it more. To drink, I really love "The Bully" (Pineapple Martini) because it is Chef Alan's recipe and it is very refreshing. 


Why mixology or bartending? 
Initially, I wanted to go into Culinary. I staged with Chef Lance Kosaka when he was still at The Pineapple Room. My parents said "no," they wanted me to be a nurse. However, I truly loved the industry. I felt that working in the bar was similar. It was a different form of culinary arts - something I have a passion for. Ultimately, the next goal for me is to become a sommelier or get deeper into mixology. 

What is your favorite part about working at Alan Wong's Restaurants? 
I love working in the bar. I get to meet and talk to people from all over the world. I always seem to find out the weather in every part of the world. I also get the opportunity to cheer people up, which is rewarding in itself. Where our bar is situated in the restaurant, I get to see guests' happy faces as they are leaving, and hear high compliments and praise about our food, beverages, and experience as they leave.